The duration of the Action is four years. Refer to the figure below for an indication of the distribution of

the Action’s activities over its duration.

MC meetings: Eight MC meetings are distributed over the four years of the Action. One of the meetings

organized each year is independent of other activities, whereas the second takes place immediately before

another COST activity.

WG Meetings: Four meetings are distributed for the WGs: one per year. On Year 1 and 3, four WG

meetings are organized independently of each other, at times and locations chosen by the WG

Coordinators/Co-coordinators after consultation with the MC. This organization makes it possible to

organize such meetings in conjunction with other events. On Year 2 and 4, the four WGs meet together

immediately prior to an open access Conference.

Biannual Training Schools and Workshops: Two Training Schools will be organized on Year 1 and 3.

These are designed in such a way that senior and junior scientists meet and interact. Three open access

workshops will be organized in conjunction with international scientific conferences.

Biannual Conferences: Two open access conferences will be organized on Year 2 and 4. These meetings

occur immediately after a WG joint meeting. International experts whose research is relevant to the Action

are invited.

STSMs: Throughout the Action, STSMs are set-up whenever possible and relevant, both within and

between WGs. At least four STSMs per year will take place to ensure the Action’s success.

Kick-Off Meeting and Final Meeting: The first MC Meeting constitutes the Kick-Off Meeting and it is

important for the Action’s organization. The Final Meeting that includes a MC Meeting, a joint WG Meeting,

and a Conference, provide the opportunity to evaluate the Action and to draft the Final Report.