This Action will be coordinated by a Management Committee (MC) and the tasks will be implemented

by four Working Groups (WGs). These four WGs are composed as follows:






The essence of this Action is its multidisciplinary character; thus placing the dissemination of

information (within and across WGs) a priority. Additionally, the four WGs are not mutually exclusive

but interrelated. Hence, WG members will be involved in more than one WG. A MC has been formed

according to COST Rules and Procedures. Additionally, Coordinators and Co-coordinators were chosen

for each working group. Given the size of the Action, there is a strong need for an effective and

efficient management structure. Hence, along with the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary of the MC

committee, we identified two additional roles in the MC, that of the Scientific Coordinator (SC) and

Dissemination Coordinator (DC).