Primary objective


The main objective of the Action is to advance the understanding of the processes underlying TP by

exploring the relevant multidisciplinary theoretical, behavioral, neurobiological, and clinical perspectives.


Secondary objectives


The main objective of this Action is realized by the following general secondary objectives:


  • Critically examine the current definitions and measurements methods associated with TP. Develop a

common code of communication for TP and new behavioral/imaging paradigms for measuring TP.

  • Examine the links between time and: memory, attention, language, culture, and particularly to

emphasize on the TP changes observed in infants and elderly.

  • Establish the appropriate path of utilizing complex stimuli in TP research and create new research

materials and tools. Extend TP research to real-world applications.

  • Critically examine the research on the neural correlates of TP and advance the understanding and

treatment/neurorehabilitation of time distortions in neurological and mental disorders or other


  • Provide young researchers with training opportunities through the diverse expertise and research

projects being integrated in TIMELY.